PCR MicroArray Lab-on-Chip (LoC) platform

VereBeefTM PCR MicroArray

PCR MicroArray Lab-on-Chip (LoC) platform that allows for simultaneous detection, differentiation and identification of Escherichia coli O157 STEC, Big 6 Non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing E. coli as well as (optional) Salmonella spp.


From enrichment to results in 10-22 hrs


Tests for E.coli O157 STEC, Big 6 STEC and (optional) Salmonella spp. in a single assay


Highly specific primers and probes; target probes are replicated on the microarray


LOD within the range of 104-5 cfu/ml after enrichment and 1 cfu/test portion before enrichment


The VerePLEX™ Biosystem is designed to be portable

Flexible and Scalable

The 5 modules on the VerePLEX™ Biosystem can be randomly accessed - for higher throughput, up to 5 VerePLEX™ Biosystems can be configured as one unit

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Accurate Results in 2 Hours, the Fastest in the Industry.

Multiplexing Simplified

VerePLEX™ Biosystem

Combines molecular biology, microfluidics and microelectronics to bring the future of diagnostics and surveillance to you today.

The VerePLEX Biosystem, along with the VereChip is a breakthrough innovation, integrating two powerful molecular biological technologies: PCR and Microarray.

  • Temperature Control System
  • Optical Reader
  • Laptop
  • Barcode Reader
  • VerePLEX™ Biosystem Software
Supply Chain Traceability


Achieving supply chain traceability has never been easier. AgriNow offers a cloud-based solution that launches in minutes, with a learning curve of just one day. Whether you're a global produce player with packing houses around the world, or a family-owned farm with limited resources, AgriNow's state-of-the-art technology will put traceability in your full control.

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Organic Biological Solution

AquaBella® Organic Solutions

AquaBella® Organic Solutions provides produce growers with proprietary formulations of microbes and enzymes that are 100% natural and safe, made from Organic materials, USDA accepted for use in organic food production, OMRI Listed, easy to apply, and are documented to increase crop yields up to 127% while reducing agricultural inputs including irrigation water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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All Natural Biological Solution

TerraBella® Biological Solutions

Growers Calculate Value of Higher Yields & Improved Plant Health. Extensive “controlled comparison” evaluations have been conducted by growers to measure and quantify benefits in plant health and increased profitability for crops where improvement is attributable to the use of TerraBella®.

Growers with experience using TerraBella® report significant improvements in plant health including increased fruit and vegetable piece counts plus increased weights. Economic impacts calculated by growers range from $60,000 per Acre Net Economic gain, to Net ROI ranging from 179% to 3,181%.

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