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Case Study: Banana Yields More than Double; Increases 127%

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Case Study: Banana Yields More than Double; Increases 127%

Evaluation of TerraBella® at the Kibbutz Ginosar, located on the banks of the Sea of Galilee demonstrate dramatic fruit yield increases by application of TerraBella® through the existing drip irrigation system. TerraBella was applied at three times during the evaluation under double-blinded side-by-side comparison.

During this study fruit production from untreated plants totaled 1,989 pounds of bananas compared with fruit production from an equal number of plants treated with TerraBella that produced 4,515 pounds of bananas. Treated plants produced more than twice the yield of untreated plants. All other conditions during this study were deemed by the farm agronomist to be equivalent.

Case Study: Banana Yields more than Double; Increases 127%

TerraBella® was applied by the farm agronomist to randomly selected groups of existing beds through the drip irrigation system. (The farmer did not know which plants had been treated with TerraBella® nor did AquaBella representatives know which plants had been treated; only the farm agronomist was knowledgeable of and executed the plan.)

At ripeness, the clusters were collected, counted, and weighed.

During the evaluation, there was an significant difference in the timing of banana plants flowering. Flowering of plants treated with TerraBella® were determined to have occurred several weeks before flowering of control.

A small reduction in the average weight of clusters was offset by the advancement of the ripening, the additional clusters, and the greater total weight from the TerraBella treated plants.

Grower Calculates Value of Higher Yields & Improved Quality

TerraBella® treated banana plants produced on average 142% more clusters of fruits and the weight of these fruits were 127% heavier compared to the fruit production from an equal number of untreated control plants. To measure the impact of TerraBella, fruit was collected, counted and weighed by the grower representatives who performed the actual harvest, counting and weighing. Table 1 summarizes results:

TABLE 1: Productivity Comparison Treated Plants vs. Untreated Control Plants

Condition Weight (kg) Number of Clusters Mean Weight per Cluster (kilograms)
TerraBella® 4,515 121 37.31
Untreated Control 1,989 50 39.78
Yield Difference +127% +142% -6%

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