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Ultimate Solution for Produce Process Water Reuse

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March 7, 2016
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October 11, 2016

Water Filtrosis TM: The Ultimate Solution  for Produce Process Water Reuse

Today large, expensive, capital intensive equipment is used by water authorities to convert wastewater into potable drinking water that we use to drink, cook, shower and enjoy in our everyday lives.  For just a penny or less per gallon you now have access to similar technology designed specifically for food and agriculture water challenges.  Low pressure water Filtrosis provides the ultimate water solution for the produce processor and packer assuring food safety, water security, and cost savings.


Differentiated Value:  3 Drivers for Immediate Benefit   

  1. 100% Safe for Food –  Confidently use purified water to accomplish the important food and agriculture needs of your business.  We start by analyzing your source water to determine it’s ultimate safety.  Then our proprietary purification process converts your process effluent water into potable quality water, including technology that kills bacteria to provide water that is 100% safe and clear to use for the intended food and agricultural needs.
  2. Guaranteed Savings – Let us show you how affordable reuse of existing water compares with the costs of fresh water in your process.  Secure the benefit of protection against future increases in the price of water as supply tightens or demand increases causing shortages in fresh water supplies. Increase your supply reliability as you put the water that is already under your control back to work in your business.
  3. Sustainable– Water reuse is among the most “green” investments your business is able to make today, especially during drought conditions.  Let us show you how to calculate the financial benefit of your commitment to environmental stewardship and communicate your commitment to consumers to build brand strength.


Filtrosis:  Converting Agricultural Waste Challenges into “Liquid Assets”

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