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AquaBella® Case Study: Sweet Potato Yields Increase 21% to 33%

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AquaBella® Case Study: Sweet Potato Yields Increase 21% to 33%


Evaluation of TerraBella® was undertaken to measure the opportunity for early crop harvest to create a market advantage and also the impact that varying dosage of TerraBella has on yield vs. normal growing practices (control). Crops treated with TerraBella produced 21% more potatoes by weight compared with normal growing practices. This was considered a substantial benefit with a calculated Return on Investment (ROI) of 1,306% and a payback of 13 times the extra cost. Study data also show that early harvest (4.5 months compared with normal 5.5 months) yields increased by 33% for the crop treated with TerraBella vs. normal growing practices.

TerraBella® was applied using the existing field irrigation and fertilizer tank system. Planting was completed in April; three applications of TerraBella were applied during the growth of the crop – once in April, and again in June and July. The final application was applied after the field was already in the flowering stage.

Four sample groups were selected randomly from ten beds. At harvest potatoes from each group were separately collected, counted, and weighed.

During the evaluation, both untreated and TerraBella treated areas looked healthy and vigorous. Investigation of the roots on mature plants revealed that filling of the roots into bulbaceous bodies happens quite late in the plant development and the effect of treatment with TerraBella accelerated the development of bulbaceous bodies and also increased the amount of potato produced by each plant.

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TerraBella® treated plants grown for the full-season produced on average 21% more potato by weight compared to the production from an equal area of untreated control plants. To measure the impact of TerraBella, potatoes were collected, counted and weighed by the grower representatives who performed the actual harvest, counting and weighing. Table 1 summarizes results:

TABLE 1: Productivity Comparison Treated Plants vs. Untreated Control Plants

Condition Full Growth Season MeanWeight (kg) Shorter Growth Season MeanWeight (kg) Average Result (kilograms)
TerraBella® 87 103.5 95.25
Untreated Control 72 78 75
Yield Difference +21% +33% +26%

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