Storage Tanks

Our manufacturing facility currently consists of 27 above-ground storage and blending tanks ranging in size from 3,000 to 60,000 gallons. Certain tanks have accessibility to blending, container filling and packaging, while all have accessibility to railcars, tank trucks and intermodal containers. This 800,000 gallon facility includes 24-hour security, modern technological instrumentation systems, laboratory services, a certified bridge scale and much more.


Existing storage space consists of 260,000 square feet, with 60,000 square feet heated and 12,000 square feet flammable storage. Food grade, kosher, corrosives, oxidizers, combustibles and flammables are all handled under a trained and highly-skilled workforce to ensure facility compliance, cleanliness and safety. Rack storage is also available to handle high-valued palletized merchandise that is either packaged or filled at the terminal facility. Warehouse services are customized to each account’s requirement with inventory lot management on a centralized computer system.

Blending & Manufacturing

Raw materials are received in bags, drums, totes, ISO-containers, tank trucks and railcars. Our expertise in blending and manufacturing of peroxides, peracetic acid and other liquid chemicals is unsurpassed, and we maintain complete confidentiality of customer’s information. Nine (9) cone-bottom blending tanks, an experienced workforce and a quality laboratory facility provide the necessary requirements for quality manufacturing. Services include a complete package of containers, pallets stretch wrapping, labeling, storage and logistics.

Transloading – Liquid & Dry Bulk


Seven (7) rail spurs, totaling 2.5 miles of track, are available for the dedicated use of transferring liquid chemical products between railcar and bulk tank trucks. The transloading area is easily accessible for customer pickups and other carriers. A truck scale is designed into the traffic flow for quick and efficient service. Methods of conveyance include dedicated pumps, compressed air or gravity. Hot water heating is available for use on railcars or trucks that contain heat-sensitive products. Steam heat is available for the more viscous materials or for freeze protection.

Dry Bulk

Our facility includes seven (7) overhead rail positions with the distinct honor of being the largest overhead transfer trestle in the United States. Materials such as poly beads, soda ash, boron, sodium sulfate and others can be efficiently transferred without the risk of cross contamination or the use of mechanical conveying equipment. Compartment hopper cars can be split unloaded between bulk truck and the bag filling operation.

Drum, Tote, Bag & Package Filling

Drum/Tote Filling

Six (6) drum/tote filling stations are capable of handling most chemical classifications with direct unloading access from tank truck, railcar, ISO-container or blend tank. Certified scales provide assurance for accurate filling weights and inventory control. Heating is available for products with high viscosities.

Bag Filling

Hopper railcars of various dry materials are positioned in an overhead trestle with gravity feeds into our bag filling operation. Units filled include 50-100 lb. valve-sealed bags, bulk sacks up to 3500 lbs. and open-head drums of various sizes. The 50-100 lb. bags are pneumatically filled while the bulk sacks and drums are gravity fed.

Package Filling

Our specialty is packaging of liquid chemical, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid in various unit sizes ranging from 5 gallon pails. Production lot runs of 1000-5000 gallons are considered common. Batch sizes can be as large as 20,000 gallons. A multi-shift operation assures that most production runs can be completed on a just-in-time schedule.

Laboratory Services

An on-site laboratory facility is available for product testing and verification of product quality per our product specifications. Qualified personnel follow standardized procedures and document all information pertaining to test results. The laboratory provides an excellent means to ensure all quality standards are met.