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Lettuce Summer Harvest: 10% More Lettuce Heads, 21% More Yield

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Lettuce Summer Harvest: 10% More Lettuce Heads, 21% More Yield

Evaluation of TerraBella® was completed to measure effect on lettuce crop under summer growing conditions. TerraBella was applied twice during the side-by-side comparison. Other than two applications of TerraBella all conditions were equal.

During the study lettuce production harvested from twenty-five meters of untreated furrows totaled 147.7 kilos compared with lettuce production of 179.2 kilos from an equal area of furrows treated with TerraBella; a 21% yield increase. Treated furrows produced 10% more lettuce heads than the untreated furrows, and these heads were on average 11% heavier than heads from untreated (control) furrows. All other conditions during this study were deemed by the farm owners to be equivalent.

Case Study: 10% More Lettuce Heads, 21% More Yield

TerraBella® was applied by the farm workers to the test plot measuring 3 dunam (3,000 m2). TerraBella was first applied 2 weeks following planting and a second application was made 4 weeks following planting. An untreated control plot of the same size was identically planted and maintained.

At harvest lettuce heads were collected and weighted by farm employees under the direct supervision of the farm owners. Care was taken to ensure that lettuce from TerraBella treated furrows were kept separate from lettuce harvested from non-treated furrows.

The overall increase in yield associated with TerraBella was 21% representing a significant Return on Investment at $900 per hectare for the farm ownership.

The 21% increase in yield provided 10% more heads of lettuce and these heads were on average 11% heavier than lettuce from the untreated (control) furrows.

Grower Calculates Value of Increases in Number of Heads & Weight

TerraBella® treated furrows produced on average 10% more lettuce heads and the weight of these heads were 11% heavier compared to the production from an equal area of untreated control furrows. To measure the impact of TerraBella, lettuce heads were collected, counted and weighed by the grower representatives who performed the actual harvest, counting and weighing. Table 1 summarizes results:

TABLE 1: Productivity Comparison Treated Furrows vs. Untreated Control Furrows

Condition Mean Weight per Head (grams) Number of Heads Total Weight (kilograms)
TerraBella® 433 414 179.2
Untreated Control 391 378 147.7
Yield Difference +11% +10% +21%

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