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Case Study: Red Beet Yield Increases 15.4%

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Case Study: Red Beet Yield Increases 15.4%

Beta vulgaris, Sugar Beets are an important source of sugar in the global diet.

Red Beets provide an important alternative winter food source.  Improvement in crop yields of Beta vulgaris offers significant world health implications.  AquaBella® Organic Solutions was applied twice during the early growth cycle of this study involving Red Beets.  Planting was done in January, the first application of TerraBella® in February and the second application in March; collection of roots was completed in April.  The farm owner oversaw the planting, applications of TerraBella® and harvests of the crop; the farm owner confirmed that all beets from treated and untreated areas were placed in separate boxes and the farm owner supervised the counting and weighing of the treated and control crops.

Results show the effectiveness of TerraBella promoting healthy development of the beets.  Observed was an improvement in the size and shape of fruit, in addition to increased overall weight of the crop.

The return on investment for the farmer is central to the decision to use TerraBella®.  For this harvest, considering the cost of TerraBella® and revenue per unit, the 15.4% yield increased profits significantly.

TerraBella® has show that it generates a high ROI, while contributing to a more biologically balanced soil, with improved root development and better absorption of nutrients from the soil.


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