FDA Challenge Winner – Xgenex

FDA Challenge Winner

Dow Chemical and Xgenex Partner
April 26, 2018

Congratulations to the Challenge Winners: Purdue University and Pronucleotein, Inc.

We are thrilled to announce the Purdue University and Pronucleotein, Inc. teams as the winners of the 2014 FDA Food Safety Challenge! As the grand prize winner, Purdue University will receive $300,000 in prize money. Pronucleotein, Inc., the runner-up winner, will receive $100,000 in prize money.

The Purdue University team’s winning submission is a physical method for concentrating Salmonella to detectable levels using automated microfiltration, which could decrease sample preparation time from 24-48 hours to a range of two to three hours.
The Pronucleotein, Inc. team’s runner-up winning submission features a portable device for rapid pathogen screening using DNA aptamer-magnetic bead sandwich assays. It promises a total assay processing and analysis time of about 30 minutes.
The Challenge represents a new approach of engaging different expertise and perspectives to bring cutting edge science into the FDA. A warm thank you to the other Finalist teams for their dedication and hard work: Auburn University, Dr. Bart Weimer/U.C. Davis/Mars, Inc., and University of Illinois/Purdue University.
– The 2014 FDA Food Safety Challenge Team

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