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Five Common Cases Private Investigators Handle

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Private investigators are often portrayed as individuals who follow people around wearing trench coats and taking photographs. However, private investigators handle a wide range of cases that go beyond shadowing individuals. Private investigators are mostly portrayed as detectives who investigate criminal cases, but there are other areas that private investigators can be of great help. Private investigation agencies provide services that range from corporate background checks to locating missing people. This article will delve into the five common cases private investigators handle to understand their profession better.

1. Infidelity Investigation

Infidelity investigations are one of the most common cases that private investigators handle. About 20-25% of married couples have experienced infidelity at least once in their lifetime. Private investigators specialize in conducting discreet investigations into suspected infidelity of their clients. The investigators use various techniques such as online search, digital forensics, surveillance, and interviews to gather evidence. The information collected can help their clients make informed decisions in their personal lives.

2. Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is an increasingly common problem. It ranges from false disability claims to staged car accidents. Insurance companies hire private investigators to gather evidence of fraudulent activity by their clients. The investigators use surveillance, background checks, interviews, and other techniques to gather evidence of fraudulent activities. The gathered information helps insurance companies to protect themselves from fraudulent claims cases.

3. Employee Theft

Employee theft is one of the most serious security threats to businesses. While background checks can help in filtering off potential theft, it’s not a fool-proof method. Private investigators are hired to investigate suspected employee theft cases. They use various techniques such as surveillance, undercover investigations, interview, and interrogation to gather evidence. Many times their expertise results in the recovery of stolen goods and termination of the guilty employees from the company.

4. Background Checks

Background checks are an essential tool for companies to protect themselves from potential security threats. Private investigators conduct background checks to gather information on a person’s employment history, credit history, criminal records, education, and more. This service is usually used by companies seeking to screen job candidates, potential tenants, and business partners. Professional private investigators have the experience and expertise to obtain comprehensive information on an individual.

5. Missing Person Investigations

Missing person investigation is another area of specialization for private investigators. They use their expertise in data analysis, social networks, and research to locate missing people. If you require a private investigator in connecticut, the website provides more information about private investigation services, as well as their bail bond services. Private investigators work with families, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations to reunite missing persons with their families. They also investigate cases of kidnapping, human trafficking, and runaway teens.

Private investigators are well-trained professionals who offer a wide range of services that are necessary for individuals and organizations. From infidelity investigations to background checks, the services provided by private investigators are essential to maintaining public safety. Hiring a private investigator could mean the difference between success and failure in many situations. With their extensive knowledge, skills, and experience, private investigators can help your business or personal life in more ways than you can imagine.