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Differentiated Value for Immediate Benefit

From Root Problem to Root Solution
August 25, 2015
Green Bean Fields Under the Influence of TERRABELLA®
September 9, 2015

Differentiated Value: 3 Drivers for Immediate Benefit


Increased Profits – Easily applied as directed during the growing cycle of the crop, TerraBella® works at the roots to improve plant health, enhancing the quality and consistency of fruits while increasing number of fruits produced and overall yield as determined by weight. Quite simply, higher yields return higher profits.

More Consistent, Higher Quality Produce – Healthy plants are more resistant to damage from pathogens and other influences. Improved plant health promotes efficient conversion of nutrients that translates into more consistent fruit size, shape, color and flavor. More consistent fruit increases crop value and enhances packing operations efficiency.

Long-Term Environmental Benefits – The precise balance of microbes and enzymes formulated in TerraBella® promote long-term improvement in soil condition and productivity. Reductions in use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides improve the environment and improve profits.

Meets or Exceeds Industry Green & Sustainability Standards

• 100% natural, organic ingredients
• Non-GMO
• Easy to apply
• Promotes nitrogen fixation
• Promotes vigorous root growth
• Promotes faster growth and higher yield
• Promotes uniform growth
• NPK Absorption
• Minimizes transplant shock
• Improves soil structure by promoting aggregation of soil particles

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