Startup Destined to Disrupt the Industry – Xgenex

Startup Destined to Disrupt the Industry

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Three Startups Destined to Disrupt the Industry

The fresh produce and floral industry is prime territory for some of the most promising startups, focused on everything from precision farming to food safety detection, data management and consumer technologies. Here is a snapshot of three new ventures:


When a new player in the industry emerges with a focus on food safety, everyone stands up and takes notice. The need for innovations in the area of food safety is so critical that no one can afford to ignore promising new solutions. Xgenex is a celebrated newcomer, both as a PMA member and a critical player in the battle to end food-borne pathogens.
Formed in 2012 by a team comprised of biotech executives, food industry ex­perts and investors, Xgenex is a company dedicated to bringing new technology and scientific innovations to the food industry, primarily focusing on food safety and testing for pathogens and contaminants.
One powerful innovation from Xgenex is a breakthrough in persistent micro­bial control, using an active ingredient derived from plant-based carbon to create a spear-like apparatus that pierces pathogens, physically exploding the patho­gens and destroying them.
Xgenex’s work in pioneering breakthroughs that affect process changes are exciting, as they signal a promising solution in the fight to eradicate food­borne contamination and take positive steps toward effective microbial con­trol. Jim Byron, CEO of Xgenex, is always looking to partner with organizations to further the shared goal of making produce safer. Byron stated, “At Xgenex we are inspired by new technologies for food production that are currently advancing meaningful changes in the landscape of food testing and food security. New solutions that address analysis of food, interventions in microbiology that enhance food production, food safety and food economics, and solutions for decontamination of water are the key elements driving our business growth.” Visit them at

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