Our Focus is Food Safety Solutions.

Advanced technologies are important for food production, food testing and food security. Solving challenges in food production is our passion. We work with food industry leaders to identify needs and then we develop solutions. Our products include new technologies that increase yields & promote sustainability; interventions in microbiology that enhance food safety, food production and food economics; testing and laboratory services; and solutions that reverse long-established inefficiencies in energy, water, and waste costs. Working with our industry and scientific collaborators, we offer a portfolio of innovative new technology to the food industry.

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Optimize your Food Safety Program with Xgenex

Close to Production

Eliminate costs and delays of couriers. Xgenex on-site testing capability creates value.

Time to Result

Faster results can mean longer shelf life. Xgenex optimized methods and onsite labs.


Get results you can depend upon with Certificates of Analysis and more. Ask for details.

Value-cost effectiveness

Get more value from your testing expense. Faster methods, no courier delays, lower costs. Results dashboards enhance “process control”, reduce business risk and improve productivity. Ask for details.

Technical Support

On-site technical support and an expansive network of resources are available to support our customer operations. Whether you buy from one of our regional collaborators or buy direct, Xgenex will work with you to support your technical needs.